Sep 28, 2023
I bought a SOYO RX 5700XT Triple Fan graphic card (gpu) from aliexpress.

When it arrived, I tested it on a friend's PC and it worked normally. It recognized everything and turned on the FAN normally (I could even hear the noise level).

Now I received the parts for my PC and went to assemble it.

A graphic card accompanied by the system. On CPU Z / GPU Z / AMD ADRENALINE / MSI AFTERBURNER, all programs considered it.

I was able to install the graphic card driver that found it and information that is up to date. I updated the BIOS and so far the fan hasn't turned.

In the stress tests I did, and in games, I found that the FAN does not spin at any time!! In one of the stress tests it reached 90 degrees and the fans did not rotate.

When I set the games to maximum and I forced them and they didn't turn either.

Can anyone help me on what to do?

The only time I saw it spinning was when the PC was turned on but it gave an error because I didn't know how to install Windows. It turned on, turned a little and I ended up turning off the PC using the button on the case. After that he didn't call again.

PC data:
- B550M AORUS ELITE motherboard
- 2 ASGARD LOKI 8gb Memories (total 16gb)
- GAMEMAX 650W 80 PLUS BRONZE power supply
- SSD - MOVESPEED - NVMe 2.0 - 1 TB - 7500 MB
- Ryzen 5 5500 processor
On this graphics card the connectors are 2x8. They are connected. The system recognizes the graphics card.
Here are the specs direct from the AMD page:
Additional power connector
1 x 8-pin and 1x6 pin

Even the power requirements on the Ali Express page show as:
Power Connector
8pin + 8pin

This leads to me wondering what type of card it actually is as most of the information I can find on it is conflicting itself.

Looking at TechPowerUp's review of the card it shows the 8+6 pin connection required. Here is the PIC.
Sep 28, 2023
Eu entendo o que você está dizendo, mas de acordo com toda a documentação que estou encontrando, parece que você não tem energia suficiente conectada a ele. (Usado o Google Tradutor para colocar em português)
In this case, should I connect 1 x 8-pin and 1x6 pin?

Even if the connectors are 2x8?
Sep 28, 2023
How total holes are there for the connector(s)? That's going to be the easiest way to determine this since we have conflicting information.
Sorry. I write in portugueses hahahaha

The graphics card comes with an 8+8 pin input.

When I tested it at my friend's house, I used the 8+8 pin cable and it worked

I put an example in the photo above
Sep 28, 2023
I would suggest going with the 8+8 connection then.

i've tried yesterday. Not working..

I checked some guidance on modifications to adrenaline, disabling 0 RPM mode. I did all the procedures and where it showed 0 RPM it started to appear N/A in GPU FAN SPEED
With it registering N/A for the fan speed it is either A) not getting ample power (whether it be via connections or card fault) B) something is amiss with the card and it intermittently is working just without the fans which in turn would still be a faulty card.