Question GPU fan rpm spikes but not overheating?

Mar 25, 2020
My EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC has been functioning normally since I built my pc 6 months ago, but yesterday the fan speed suddenly started to spike very high for a few seconds at a time while playing some of my games, even when just standing around in them. After installing and monitoring it with the Precision X1 software, I noticed it tends to run a slight above 80*C overall, which I gather is fairly normal for this one. The only graphical issues I've seen since this started so far (even while the fans are not overspeeding) are some wonky/large particle effects in Monster Hunter World every so often, and Granblue Fantasy Versus hanging longer than it should when a match finished, though the latter could be a coincidental connection problem. Heroes of the Storm and FFXIV both seem to run completely normal, though of those two only FFXIV makes the fan speed spike.

My only experience with a GPU overheating was with my previous laptop, where it would throttle the current game's performance significantly to attempt to deheat, so as that's not happening now I'm not sure its the same problem. So far my attempts to fix this have been: updating drivers, clean install of updated drivers, cleaning out my whole pc, disconnecting and reconnecting the GPU after cleaning it, setting the other fans I have to a tighter curve in an attempt to lower the overall temp, and many many restarts along the way. Short of taking out the GPU again and taking it apart to see if the problem lay inside it (which I am hesitant and unconfident in performing properly), I don't know what else to do, am concerned, and therefore asking for help here.

Here's the rest of my pc specs:
-CPU: Intel i5-9400F 2.9GHz 6 Core
-MB: ASRock Fatal1ty H370 Performance ATX LGA1151
-Memory: 2 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200
-SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB M.2-2280
-HDD: Toshiba P300 3TB 7200RPM
-PSU: Thermaltake Smart 600W 80+ ATX
-Case: Rosewil NAUTILUS ATX Mid Tower