Question GPU fan runs at full speed while running Media Player Classic Home Cinema ?


Apr 2, 2012
My OS is Windows 7, and the GPU is a GTX 670M, running in a Digital Storm Laptop from 2012. Earlier this month, I replaced this laptop's motherboard, because the original's power jack was no longer working. This laptop has been sitting unused since February 2018.

Before the power jack stopped working, I never had any issue running MPC-HC with hardware acceleration. I should also note, that the current version of MPC-HC is not able to work with the laptop's integrated graphics, so I have to make MPC-HC use the GPU now.

Still, a light program like MPC-HC should not be making the GPU fan run at 100% speed. Even worse, the fan does not stop running, even after I close the player. Even while playing a game, a GPU fan normally slows down if you Alt-Tab out of the game. Currently, the only ways that seem to make the GPU fan stop, are either turning on GPU-Z, or turning on Nvidia Control Panel.

I will also note, that I actually have not done a clean install after installing the new motherboard. I initially wanted to, but that plan got derailed due to the fact that the original keyboard cannot be plugged into the new motherboard. Apparently, the new mobo is a slightly different model/version. All the laptop's components fit on the new mobo, except for the keyboard, because the keyboard's ribbon connector on the new mobo, is on a different position compared to the original motherboard.

So, could the settings of the original motherboard, be somehow causing this fan issue? If that is a possibility, then I will do a clean install as soon as I receive the keyboard I ordered. Unless the cause is something else.