Question GPU Fan speed ramps up for a few seconds ?

May 10, 2021
Hey, I've noticed that sometimes my GPU Fan speed jumps from 2800 RPM (2800 is max for my GPU in Afterburner) to roughly 4000 RPM for a few seconds. I believe that this is caused by high temps, as this only happens with temperatures reaching 80 degrees Celsius when I'm stress-testing/overclocking. Is there a way to crank up my RPM even higher than what my max setting in Afterburner is?

My GPU is a AORUS GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8G
Hello, what's the exact make and Model of your current PSU, power supply unit ?? Why do you want to crank the fan RPM even further ? Is your current RIG/setup properly ventilated and cooled as well ? How many case fans do you have for proper air flow ?

80 C is a high temp value, but not alarming enough to jump on any conclusion.


BTW, are you sure the reading is 4000 RPM ??
Do a clean re-install of the MSI AB tool, as well as your GPU drivers, and download GPU-Z to check the card's parameters under the SENSORS tab of this tool.