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Question GPU fan speeds with a life of their own.

Apr 25, 2020
So, I've been dealing with my GPU fans disobeying my every move for a while now. Thought I'd ask here as the issue has returned. Having searched high and low for an issue that fits mine but unable to find any resolve, here I am.

So about two years ago, I had this issue. And it magically vanished. Now it's back in force.

The issue:
The fans will go to 100%, and sometimes stay there for 30 mins, an hour. Then randomly ramp themselves down again. Sometimes they'll be fine for an hour. Two hours. Three hours. Sometimes it's like its fighting an internal war against someone. Like it's being told "Go to 100%, don't go back to normal. Go to 100%! go back to normal." Up and down in an endless loop. Like it's being fed multiple signals and can't decide who to listen to.

The PWM is usually around 40% - yet the fans are actually on 100% (3100 RPM)
View: https://i.imgur.com/4tbOF7n.png

I have a freshly installed windows as of last Monday, and it was happening without even having an OS installed (after formatting, while installing).

All 3 fans are running. There's nothing stuck in them. Newest drivers.

I'm suspecting some sort of faulty PWM controller or something? I don't know anything about GPU and especially the fan aspect of things.

But if anyone has any ideas short of flashing the bios I'd love to hear them!

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