[SOLVED] GPU fan spinning but no display


Nov 23, 2017
My gpu worked fine before but a few days ago after I upgraded to a new mobo and cpu it stopped giving any display. The fans, however, are spinning just fine but the monitor shows a black screen. I checked if my gpu is working or not but it works fine on a different PC. So I'm a bit confused as to what could be the problem as I tried almost everything that I could find on the internet.
My specs:
Asus H61 m-e
Core i5-2400
8gb ddr3 1600mhz
Thermaltake smart SE 550W
I do have my doubts that it could be the PSU that's not giving enough power but I'm not sure so I'd like to know what the problem really could be.

PC Tailor

Psu is enough
Whilst the wattage may be sufficient, the PSU is often insufficient for dedicated GPUs as it's poor quality. I think it's helpful to be aware that PSU wattage does not mean a PSU is sufficient for any system.

I upgraded to a new mobo and cpu it stopped giving any display.
This is what makes someone think it is probably the new components, not the old PSU (however depending on your GPU, you'll be in a good place if you replace the PSU anyway, the TT Smart's are mostly junk units.

I would cover each and every step in this guide first, and even do the steps you possibly already have:



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