Question GPU Fan starts and stops whilst idle causing temps in mid 80's

Nov 2, 2020
I am not sure exactly when this started happening but I have looked at basically every forum post and cant seem to find a solution. As said in the title, my GPU fan starts and stops at seemingly random intervals, and whilst not under any load is hitting temps in the mid 80s-90s consistently and when I load any games goes to 95 - 98 degrees. Sometimes the fan randomly goes at full speed, lowering the temps to around 50 degrees whilst not under load.
I have tried the following:
  • Making a custom fan curve in MSI afterburner
  • Taking out and reinstalling ram
  • Taking the GPU out of the case and cleaning it with compressed air without taking the actual GPU apart.
  • Updating Nvidia Drivers
  • I checked updating my BIOS but I think the BIOS of my motherboard only has 1 version.
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb
CPU - FX 8370 with Hyper 212 evo cooler
Motherboard - GA-78LMT-USB3 R2
8 gb of ddr3 ram

I also installed my current CPU a few days ago, swapping from an fx 8300 with stock fan if that helps at all. Feel free to ask for any more information about the pc, I feel this may be a problem with my power supply as I did not upgrade it after buying the new CPU but that is basically a guess. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. (Excuse the bad quality of the camera)

Video of GPU:


Jun 14, 2014
Instead of setting a custom fan curve try setting the fan to manual at it somewhere around 50-70% That is usually enough for most cards to run fine. Many modern cards turn off the fan completely under a certain temperature. (For my 1060 6G it's at 40°C for example) Maybe your card interprets it "too slow" and doesn't ramp up the fan in time. If it still behaves weirdly after fixing the fan speed manually, you might want to RMA the card.
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