Question GPU Fan stops under load

Mar 15, 2023
I have had an RTX 3060 for 1 year now, with no issues. Recently it will spin 1646 RPM when I boot up my PC. As soon as I start a game the fans shut off, causing my GPU temps to reach 95c +. This also causes massive performance issues, I am lucky to get 30 FPS in CSGO.

This is a ROG prebuilt PC, Asus RMA basically told me to go screw myself several times, I am not sure if I need a new GPU or not, looking for advice before I spend some money.

I appreciate any responses!
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What power supply is in the unit? If it comes down to having to buy a new card, I might be tempted to do the old method of pulling the shroud and existing fans and zip tying a couple of 120mm case fans to the heatsink and see if you can use a coupler to attach them to a motherboard fan header where you should be able to control fan speeds. Just not sure how much the gpu would like not having fans plugged into its own header.
Apr 23, 2023
I have the same problem with my RTX 2070 Super. It never did this before, but the fans just stop whenever the GPU experiences a significant load. That is the opposite of what I want! X ) Afterburner shows the GPU fan speeds increasing as they follow the temp curve upward, but the fans are not spinning. Immediately after exiting the game, the fans obey Afterburner. I tried updating my BIOS, but no change.
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