Question GPU Fans acting strangely


Jul 25, 2015
Hi, i have a Zotac GeForce GTX 970 which i purchased december 2015.

Recently, the fans have been going haywire whenever i start the PC up. Im used to the loud noise because of the CPU starting up however this noise is coming from the GPU and it continues for ages. In fact my computer has been on for about an hour now and its still going. Eventually it does stop. But, it will come back.

I took the card out, cleaned it with compressed air, made sure nothing was hitting one of the fans as it seemed slower than the other. (when i looked at the fan while it was running, it was barely spinning, just going round irregularly and slowly while the other was operating normally)

Im no expert but the sound seems to suggest one fan is doing all the work. Even as im doing nothing, with a few tabs open on chrome, the fans are speeding up.

I tried launching a game, the temperature increased from 35 at idle to 40 ish which is fine, but the noise didnt change whatsoever. It stayed loud and irregular.

The noise isnt enough to distract me from my game when ive got headphones on or even if im listening to music through my speakers. Im just worried something else is wrong with it.

Sorry for the long read, thanks :)

One final thing, my fans are operating at 40% according to HWMonitor. I tried lightly spinning the fan manually when completely disconnected from the motherboard and one fan stops almost instantly (the slow one) while the other spins for a good few seconds.

Edit: That single fan is now squeaking loudly, going from 1900RPM to 0 every second just completely messing up. Its starting and stopping over and over.

Edit 2:
Bought replacement fans online, swapped current fans for a single case fan (the 970's fans are small so 1 should do the trick.) So far temperatures are holding up.
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