Question GPU fans at 100% and monitors go black but sound still works


Aug 21, 2015
I've run into this issue which occurs a few times a week whereby I'd be watching Youtube (maybe with Discord or something open in the background) i.e. very little load. My monitors would immediately go blank and the GPU fans spin at 100% but I can still hear sound from Youtube. The only way to fix this is power off from the PSU and power back on. This also happens when gaming but it doesn't really seem to matter what the GPU/CPU load is (I'm assuming GPU is the culprit here).

I have an overclock of 120MHz core clock and 900MHz memory clock (down from 130Mhz and 950MHz respectively which ran stable for hours on TimeSpy/Unigine Superposition/Furmark). But I don't think this OC is the issue because when on youtube I don't even hit high GPU clocks at all (it's around 650MHz). Temperatures also seem to be fine for both GPU and CPU.

Any help/tips for further troubleshooting would be appreciated. I've removed the OC for my GPU for now and my CPU isn't OC'd at all. Memory is running at D.O.C.P profiles and has passed Memtest86 run.


Ryzen 7 3700x
Asus ROG Strix X570-F
MSI Gaming X Trio 2070 Super
Crucial 2x8gb 3600MHz RAM
Corsair RM750x (fairly new, the issue also happened with my older EVGA G2)/