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Question GPU fans keep turning on and off every second with 50°C threshold ?


Jul 28, 2019
I own a Gigabyte RTX 3080 and it has this fanstop feature set at 50°C, thing is it sometimes sits right at the threshold of 50°C and fans turn on and off every 2 seconds for a while and it makes this very annoying grinding noise

Is this harmful for the longevity of the fans? It's been doing this for months.
It was not helpful for the fans but the affection in life longevity is small enough to not even care about it. But even if you do care , if the fans fail, you can replace them for a very cheap price.

I have disabled fan stop in my GPU but the reason was that I hated the sound of start and stop. In my previous GPU I didn't disable it because it had quieter fans.
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