Question GPU Fans ramping up and GeForce Experience not installing.

Aug 20, 2019
Okay, so recently I decided to get bugged out about this weird vibrating noise coming from my pc. I eventually found out it was coming from one of the GPU fans. Just today I took out the GPU and went to add some oil to the bearing of the fan to see if that would fix the noise. Due to my GPU fan not having a hole to access the bearing I had to use a drill to make one. None of the oil got on the GPU itself or any cables or anything like that. Lubricating the bearing fixed the issue of the vibrating noise but now another issue has arisen. After initially installing my GPU back in the fans were instantly on full blast for some reason. Knowing this was an issue I opened up my side panel and noticed only one fan was spinning. I took out my GPU again and realised that I forgot to screw in a fan screw for the other fan. I put the screw in and installed the GPU and booted up again but this time both fans were working but they were still ramped up to high speeds. It was a very noticeable difference in loudness than before. Anyway, I read that this could be a driver issue and went on to GeForce experience but that had just stopped working. When I went to re-install it the application has refused to install. I have done literally everything to reinstall GeForce experience but it would not let me, failing every time. I was able to manually install the latest GPU drivers and it worked fine but no GeForce experience and the fans were still spinning at high speeds making a load of noise. Also, the temperature difference to when the one fan was making the noises is barely noticeable, maybe a few degrees max. My last option at the moment is to reinstall windows, but I don't want to do that as I have so much stuff on my computer from games to all my adobe programs and work that I do on there. I hope someone could provide an insight into what I could do. I have yet to try putting the card into another PCI slot.

I did check MSI afterburner while the fans were ramped up and when I went to manually turn them down there was practically 0 difference.

My specs are:
Intel i7 - 8700k
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 ti
16gb Corsair dd4 ram
250gb Samsung SSD
2 Tb Toshiba hard drive
Gigabyte Z370 - hd3 -cf motherboard
Gigabyte G750H PSU