Question GPU Fans ramping up at a certain temperature

May 7, 2020
First up the specs:
Palit RTX 2080 - Super Jetstream (The model is called "Super Jetstream", it's not a 2080S)
Win 10
GeForce Game Ready Driver 445.87 (the problem occurs on an older driver as well)

So about one or two months ago my GPU fans startet ramping up to full speed, as soon as the card hits 70°C.
I'm using Palit's Thunder Master software (similar to Afterburner) to control the fan curve. I tried using the stock fan curve, a custom ones and fixed fan speeds. No matter what I do the fans ramp up at 70°C.
The most annoying part is, that the fans seem to go over the intended maximum speed. When setting the speed to 100% they seem to settle to about 2300RPM (according to HWInfo64). When ramping up however, they seem to be hitting about 3300RPM (again, according to HWinfo64) for a short time.

Is there anything I can do about this? If no, is this a legitimate reason to RMA the 1,5 years old card? (Here in germany we get 2 years of warranty)
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Mar 28, 2016
My own RTX 2080 started doing something similar around the exact same time, maybe 2 months ago. I created a thread the other day but no replies yet. One difference between my issue and yours is that I did not actually mess with the fan speeds at all.

My GPU will rev up to 100 percent out of nowhere, for a couple of seconds, then back down, then back up, and so on. It happens around 75 degrees Celsius. I think it goes to maybe 50 or 60 percent speed at 70 degrees but it's whisper quiet so I don't pay attention.

Since one game where it is happening is one I had been playing since perhaps November without any of this behavior, I strongly believe something triggered this change. But again, I had never myself adjusted fan speeds.
Aug 26, 2020
Sorry to bring up an old post, but I registered just to say that I have the same problem and wanted to provide a little more info and some screenshots on the matter.
I am a proud owner of a Palit RTX 2080 Super Jetrstream video card (RTX 2080, not RTX 2080 SUPER), for a year now. All went smooth, no problems whatsoever, very pleasant gameplay. However, as long as 2-3 months ago, a very strange problem occurred. No matter what settings I have in MSI Afterburner, or even with it uninstalled, everytime my card reaches 65c in goes in full fans turbo mode. I tried setting custom fan curves with no success. The weird thing is, in every monitoring application the percentage of the fans stays low, but the RPM goes skyrocket. Even if it shows that % is at 50%, the RPM of the fans is at max. I will attach screenshots so i can make myself a little more clear, as it's an issue hard to describe. I reinstalled all graphic drivers and settings and all that, no success.
Anyone found a solution? Is it a candidate for a RMA? :)

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temp 63c: View:

temp 65c+: View: