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Question GPU fans spin and stop on startup, no signal on monitor

Aug 20, 2019
So I have this pretty old rig that was doing just fine last night, so I turned it off and went to bed. Next morning I try to boot it up and get nothing on my screen, your typical "no signal" so I decide to open up the case and take a look at the GPU - the fans spin for a second and then stop and will keep doing so until I shut the whole system down.

So, few things I've tried:
GPU currently on another system working fine.
Tried new PSU, no success.
Reset bios removing the battery, no success.
Boot it up with a single RAM stick, no success.
Try different RAM slots with different sticks, no success. (RAM sticks working fine as they're currently on another system)
Tested CPU on another mobo and it's working fine.
Tried to boot up without the 6-pin cable on the GPU to see if I get anything on my screen (I take it they're meant to show some sort of insufficient power message) and no success. One thing I noticed though, GPU fans spin just fine without the 6-pin PSU cable connected.

Is there anything else I could try? I suppose the only thing left is the motherboard, right?
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