Question GPU Fans spin up to max for 5 seconds every 2 minutes while gaming.

Nov 8, 2022
I got a ASUS TUF 3080, while gaming I noticed it was very very loud and very hot. We're taking fans spinning at 100% and GPU being at 85celsius. I decided to go ahead and undervolt it, to help with the heat and noise (silent GPU is super important to me) I also edited the fan curve and turned on user defined software automatic fan control within MSI Afterburner.

Initial results were great. The card was going to max 70-75celsius and the fans were a lot more quiet. However, there is a weird issue where the fans are spinning and are very silent and out of nowhere they will ramp up for 2-3 seconds to full force only to be silent again. This happens every 5 minutes or so and only while gaming. Also, the moment I switch to the stock fans settings but leave the undervolt on, the card is again very loud. Which is weird as I'm running an undervolt so it should be at least somewhat quiet?

Stock fans mode and undervolt) - Chivilay 2 Menu @ 1440p - Temp = 70Cels Fans = 100%
Undervolt and custom fan curve - Chivilay 2 Menu @ 1440p - Temp = 75Cels Fans = 50%

I tried reinstalling the drivers with DDU but that did not help. I downloaded the latest BIOS but nothing changed. I never had to touch my old EVGA 1070 to define fan curves or anything, so I'm very surprised that I need so many different settings to make the card work quietly and not cook itself. I'm attaching the fan curves and the undervolt. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or someone will be able to point me in some direction what might be going on.

Here are MSI Afterburner graphs:
Undervolt - View:

Fan Curve - View:

Fan Tachometer - View:

Recently changed thermal pads and paste


Recently changed thermal pads and paste
Did you this before or after the fan issues?
Did you change them both at the same time? [Hopefully, you didn't, as that just complicates troubleshooting...]

Also, please provide:
Paste used, and how it was applied.
The pads used - someone may be familiar with them.
Report what gpu hot spot gets up to. Afterburner does not report this. Gpu-Z and hwinfo do.
Memory junction. Just like above, use one of the other 2 apps.
The case model and a picture with the side panel removed; no need for any reflections of you or other objects not in the PC.
Nov 8, 2022
This was also happening before the pads and thermal paste was replaced. It was done by a service guy that I trust did a good job, overall there is no issues. I can't really understand why even undervolted the fans would spin at 100%

After playing for a while the hot spot with the custom fan curve gets 104 Celsius. Using stock fan settings (so fans spinning at 100%) temperature went up to 104Celsius. Memory temps in both cases were 94-96 Celsius.

Here is the card in the case: