GPU fans stopped working after cleaning

Apr 20, 2018
Today I decides to it was time to clean my PC again. I'm using a compressor to do that. Now afterwards once every cable is back in and even double checked, everything gets power. But for some reason my GPU, an MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G does have the lights flashing on the side(the MSI logo) but the GPU fans are not working and next to that it doesn't give any visuals.
Anyone that might know a solution?
I would pull the card....make sure nothing is in the slot.....debris or whatever. Check the card for debris or whatever as well. Check your power connectors to the card and on the card for bent pins....debris etc. Re-seat everything nicely and try again.

Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
Does that GPU have an manual setting you can change to set the fan speed at 100% just to see if it does anything? My GPU I have an RX 580 8GB one has an 0DB setting so its not on unless it gets warm kinda thing. so it normally (if my room is less then around 75F) and not playing an game the fans don't spin at all. My card only spins up the fans when it gets warm enough.

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