Question GPU fans turn to 100%, no signal to motherboard

Mar 1, 2021
no signal to screen*
mobo: tuf gaming z370 plus gaming
cpu: i9 9900k
GPU: 1060 6 gb
PSU: corsair 1000w
So i have had this problem for a long time in my gaming rig. i originally thought it was the GPU, but i had my CPU cooler that died , and before i noticed, i had a lot of similar crashes, so i thought that might be the problem, since the crashes were identical, however a lot more often.
but reasently i upgraded my case, cpu, and psu, and since i thought the CPU was the problem, i opened Valheim, and not 30 min later, it crashed. i then opened MSI afterburner, and looked at the stats while the game(on the lowest graphics) was running. the temps never went above 63C but the utilisation was in the high 90%'s the whole time, and then it crashed again.
the logical thought would be that it's my GPU that cant handle it, but i can play other games like Apex Legends, in 4K, 120FPS, and on the highest settings, no problem. this crash mostly occurs when i play open world survival/exploration games like Valheim, and Subnautica, which is another reason i thought that maybe it was my old i5 that could't keep up, givin there is a lot of physic calculations.
i have tried to post this problem on mainly reddit, without any luck, but just the other day i posted a problem here, and people solved it in a matter of a coupple of hours, and they were all really helpful. any ideas? i have plans on upgrading my GPU in the future, but thats not possible for me at the moment, so i would hate to not be able to play those games until then.