Question GPU fans were perfect yesterday, now they won't work ?


Apr 20, 2019
Got on this morning before Destiny 2 s17 launch went to update my drivers haven't done Ina minute.
Went to windows updater, and automatically downloading couldn't stop it was this
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. - Display- 30.0.15

Displayed flickered, was weird, I continued, then I went to my amd software updated drivers there then [] boom now my fans will not turn on at all even if it's under load they won't turn on I was playing destiny 2 checked Temps and I was sitting at 75c I have never ever ever in the 4 years had my GPU hotter than 60c NEVER HOTTER, I cleaned the hell out of this thing thinking connectors were dusty. Cleaned up plugged everything back in. Gpu fans spin then turn off, go into AMD software fan % is at 0, go to HWmonitor my GPU fans not showing up, MSI afterburner I don't have a "Fan" option to select. The sapphire trixx software doesn't detect my fans.

No matter what software I use my fans won't turn on or even show that i have them and 0 rpm mode has been manually turned off.
I have downgraded my Drivers, I have updated my drivers, I have deleted old drivers, I even DDUd my system and even still my Fans will not show up in any software, and will only spin up if I go into the AMD software and manually tune it but even then if I open steam it will go back down to 0 rpm I have no idea what to do my fans are working I ran a 5 min stress test using the ReLive software Temps are fine the GPU works how it was yesterday in the software but as soon as I close it and do anything the fans won't kick on.
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The display always flickers a few times when a GPU driver applies.

75C is a perfectly normal and safe operating temp. That's what all the manufacturers set as the temp target in the VBIOS. Generally, stock behavior would also be to turn the fans off below 55-60C. This prolongs the life expectancy of the fans and reduces noise.

Did you physically/visually confirm the GPU fans aren't spinning at 75C?