Question GPU fans working, but monitor says no signal?


Jun 3, 2017
So, I have this little problem with my PC a little less than a year by now.

This problem is only happening when I plug my PC off to clean it, or install or change some components.

The problem is that when I plug the PC back in, and I power it on. First the PC starts booting, fans start spining and then it turns off and then turn immediately back on. When it turns on everything seems normal but monitor says no signal but GPU fans are working. I was fixing that problem temporarily by pulling the GPU off the motherboard and then back on, of course I did that after turning the PC off. Most of the times after that PC starts working normally and everything is ok till the next time I plug it off.

One time when that happened, I connected the monitor to the integrated graphics and when I entered the bios I found out that the motherboard wasn't recognizing that the GPU was in the PCI slot. And like I said the problem was fixed with pulling the GPU and putting it back in the motherboard (sometimes I had to do that two or three times to get it working).

But now, it's getting annoying pulling the GPU off the motherboard every time after I plug the PC off and I know that by time I can damage the PCI slot.

Because first thing that happens when I turn my PC is that it almost immediately turns itself of and then back on, I thought it was the power supply, but for two years it worked great and still now I don't see any problems with it.

My power supply is Corsair CX650M, GPU is AMD XFX RX480 and motherboard Asus Z-170A.

Also, I forgot to mention, when the problem first appeared, I still had warranty for the GPU, and I brought the GPU in the PC store I bought it in. The guy there tested the GPU on his computer and the same problem happened to him (for the record he did that in the back room so I didn't see that), but when he took the GPU to the service they said everything was fine and working.

Btw, sorry for my english 😬