Question GPU fatal error and failure to recover while changing settings in a game

Feb 16, 2019
I searched the forums and couldn't find the exact problem and cause I'm having. Here's the deal...

I was adjusting graphical settings in Resident Evil 2 within Steam's "Big Picture" mode. This was being displayed on my TV, which acts as a secondary monitor to my PC. I increased the display resolution to 4k, the game gave me a warning that bugs may occur, and then I scrolled down to adjust some of the other settings to mitigate this...

However, the moment I scrolled off of the resolution setting, it automatically took effect (in other words my PC tried to switch to outputting the game in 4k at that moment). This failed, and I was left with a few long moments of black screen before a couple of error messages that included "fatal error." I can't recall what else they said; apologies on that.

At that point, there was no display on my TV, only blackness, and my main PC monitor was just showing the desktop as usual. I tried to open my Nvidia control panel and received a message that my device was not connected to an Nvidia GPU.

I then rebooted my system with my monitor unplugged, and when I plugged it back into the GPU after booting up, I got the smallest resolution possible, a tiny little display in the middle of my monitor, with no ability to change display settings and the same error message when trying to access the Nvidia control panel.

Then I went to Nvidia's site and updated my GPU's drivers, and after those were installed and the system was once again restarted, I'm now left with no display whatsoever. The monitor and TV are saying "No signal".

My GPU is a GTX 1070. It's never given me serious problems before now. Please help.

UPDATE: I rebooted my PC with the monitor plugged into the GPU (previously I'd unplugged it during the reboot) and my problem appears to be solved, for now... I'm still nervous about damage I may have done to my GPU and what on Earth could've caused the problem in the first place. So I'd still like some help on this. Thank you.

I'm a long-time reader of this site and its forums, but this is my first post, so apologies if I left out some crucial info or anything.
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