Gpu fault or monitor

Oct 13, 2018
My pc was running fine then I went on it and I noticed nothing fit the screen anymore and it looks really bad graphicly upon looking at it the tv im using its settings are still the same and the pc says its settings are also good that end as well it's reporting back 1920x1080 recommended. I have a 22 inch samsung tv whuch was set to 16:9 i have now made it fit by changing tv from 16:9 to screen fit on tv but colours and res still look bad ive done a full win 10 start from scratch recovery and uninstalled reinstalled the drivers to no change. Tv is fine with everything else as i tried netflix on it just pc side of things with the issues I was about to buy a acer predator monitor but i am now thinking a replacement gpu may be needed as I know that will need updating as well

Win 10
Gtx 1050ti
I7 4790k
16gb ram
Thax for any help

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