Question Gpu flashes random colors during driver install

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
I was reinstalling my gpu driver after unistalled it by ddu and amd clean up . And during the installation some flashing and random colors was happening on my screen. I know that flashing it is normal , but flashing with random colors it's normal ?

After the installation and reboot I have normal colors .
Kindly provide PC specs.

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-Motherboard make & model# (include Bios version if graphics card is not recognized or you are having stability issues)
-RAM (amount, clock speed, model#/link of kit, configuration)
-Graphics card(s) make and model# (clock speed, voltage if modified, Driver version and GPU temp both @ idle and load)
-Power supply make,model#, "AND" age (note if using 110V or 220V A/C input)
-HDD/SSD configuration (ie: Raid setup/ back up/ OS drive/etc..)
-Case/Chasis make,model# (fan make, model#, and configuration if having thermal issues)
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-Any/all OSD monitoring software
-ALL overclocks outside of factory spec

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
I had think that the rest of the specs was not useful here

My complete system then :
Amd a8 6600k
Msi a88xm-e35
Corsair xms3 8gb 1666mhz dual channel
Corsair vs550
Amd xfx rx 580 4gb
Ssd kingston a400 120gb
Hdd wd blue 1tb 7200rpm

No temps problem , age of the psu is about 4/5 years .

No overclocks
No software monitoring the hardware at the momment of installation , only hwinfo installed but was not open .
Antivirus is ms security , and malwarebytes is installled on my hdd .

As I said after reboot to complete the driver installation everything came to normal .
I've run two rise of tomb raider benchmark , nothing weird happen .
But I was a bit worried during the driver installation
Okay, don't worry then. If it only occurred during the driver installation process, then something might have got wrong, and/or it was just a temporary phase. Though, if we can get a pic of the flashing and random colors, that would have been nice. Might be some Monitor issue as well ?

But anyways, how does the system behave while Gaming ? Can you easily play games, without any issues ? Actually, that Corsair VS PSU is not the very best of power supplies, just a budget power unit.

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
well I don´t have any pic. I reinstalled again the gpu drivers to see if would occur again and nothing strange have happened , just normal flashes during installation .

well the PSU was recommended by a technician with a lot of experience on this area , they are reliable enopugh for my system he said .maybe I can agree with you anyway , is not the best , but there´s some people that will say that this can not pair with my gpu for an example and in that point they are wrong , maybe if it was today for what I know today I would go for a XFX with 550w with at least bronze certificated . But the corsair have last until now and I can´t say that I am not happy with this PSU , this PSU already had handle with a lot of hours of usage .
I am a lot more disappointed with two ASUS gpu´s that I had before that had broken than with my PSU .

Today I will not have much time to test the gpu after the reeinstallation of the drivers but after this second install I am a bit less worried .