Question GPU flashing Blacksquares on screen?

Nov 20, 2021
Hi I have a GPU problem with my laptop. I have a HP Pavilion and it has a GTX 1050 Mobile The problem is I can't us it because if I do it causes tiny black squares to flash on my screen I know its the GPU because I disabled it in device manager and every thing was fine except I had to use my integrated GPU so I could not play that many games. "I have a i7 7700HQ" so I was wondering if there any hope left for my dedicated GPU?
I've tried drivers and updated them to the most recent one and it was the same even with DDU But I would be glad to have other suggestions! THX

Also the GPU maxes out at 73.C - 163.4.F
I tried to bench mark it Lol :ROFLMAO:

My GPU ---->