[SOLVED] GPU for asus m4A785TD with phenom 1090T

Jan 19, 2019
Hello, my PC specs:
mobo: Asus m4A785TD-V evo
micro: phenom 1090T x6(no OC) with CM hyper 212-evo
ram: 8gb
SSD samsun 860evo 250gb, WD blue 1Tb, WD blue 500GB
PS: thermaltake 700w 80+B
I have a sapphire r9 280x with temperature issues. I want to replace it but i don't want to spent to much money.
I thinking in a sapphire rx 570 but i don't know if this video card could be compatible with my motherboard, i looked in google but i couldn't find anything about compatibility.
For other hand I think this video card generate bottleneck (if where compatible )with mis pc-specs so, What video card should I buy to get the best performance with my settings(new or used)?
I know that my pc has almost 10 years but this works fine for me and i use it for gaming ocassionaly.
what i ussually play? actually rise of the tomb raider, with the r9 280x in high settings over 45FPS, battlefield 4 in high over 40FPS. I have a large list of games to play like dark souls 1,2,3, skyrim, oblivion, for honor, pubg, ni no kuni.... I'm eve content with fullHD medium settings =').
I from argentina and the best price that find for rx570 is ARS$ 7400 (aroud USD195).
Sorry for my english


Jul 19, 2016
An RX 570 or 580 or a GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 should be fine. As long as your board has PCIe, which it does, the GPUs should work no problem. Just make sure to uninstall the old drivers first. EDIT: If anything were to cause a bottleneck, it would be the CPU, not the GPU. If you are not planning to upgrade the platform and still want a new GPU, I would strongly consider overclocking the Phenom, you may as well take advantage of the unlocked multiplier of the 1090T.