Question GPU for Dedicated streaming PC


Oct 8, 2018

So I currently have a 5 year old Asus ROG A20 gaming PC (pictured above), as you can see it is very compact. If you look it is basically laptop inside the case and only parts I can upgrade are the GPU and the hard drive. So I have decided to build a new gaming PC. To keep the new build inexpensive I am bringing the HDD and the GTX 1080 (until i can afford to get a RTX card) from the Asus and put in the new build I am working on. But I figured I could turn this into a dedicated streaming PC all it would need is a cheap GPU and a hard drive.

So my question is, what would be a good GPU to use? I was looking at the AMD RX 570 4GB GPU but wasn't sure if that would be an ok card to use for a dedicated streaming PC or not.

Don't get me wrong the Asus is a great PC but it is getting up there in age and if anything would die or need upgrading this PC doesn't really give me the option to do that. \Which is why I decided it is time to build something new and something that will give me the option to replace a specific part or upgrade the whole thing in the future if I wanted too.