GPU for gaming on 1366x768 32" TV? Mid-powered build.


Jul 1, 2009

I'm working on a build for my girlfriend/myself. It'll be pretty low powered, kept in a TV stand and hooked into a 32 inch TV with a 1366x768 resolution.
So far the build will consist of:

Core i3-3225 CPU, 3.3ghz
4GB of ddr3 1600 ram
500gb HDD
Apevia Q-Pack 2 with 500w power supply included

I've been looking around for benchmarks on some cheaper cards,
but I can't find any that really show what they can do at low resolutions.

Most of my interest has been in an HD 7770, perhaps the Sapphire Vapor-X

Does anyone know how the card would perform at those resolutions,
or have any suggestions for a sub 180$ card that could run high/ultra settings in most games at 60 fps?
It's not a huge deal to absolutely max everything, but the idea is for it to perform without hiccups
when it's time to play something like Skyrim or BF3.