Question GPU for Teknoparrot

Dec 14, 2020


That card seems a bit pricey for emulating tekno parrot retro arcade games. Are there any alternatives? said Teknoparrot...then you said...."What (preferably Nvidia) GPU would be needed to run games 1080p 60fps? "

So the RTX 2060 and similar will pretty much run ANY game at 1080p 60 fps ultra.

For something like Teknoparrot...I think you can probably get away with much less....but as far as how much less I'm not sure.

I would think something like a GTX 1030 would work....but I'm not 100% sure.


Sep 12, 2012
Teknoparrot isn't an emulator, it's an arcade loader. There is a big difference in terms of answering this question.

Asking what specs for Teknoparrot is like asking what specs to play PC games. They're all different. It's not like a console emulator which is always emulating the same hardware.

Teknoparrot is just software that let's you run PC based arcade games on a regular PC. There is no GPU or CPU emulation. It all runs natively just like any other PC game.

The only thing that might be considered as emulation is the I/O as it let you use your own USB controller instead of the jvs control board.

Some PC based arcades ran on very low spec PCs. Others ran on premium hardware (for the time they were released).

My Teknoparrot PC (and for other PC based arcades) is an old I7 3930k with an Nvidia GTX 680. That runs most of the current Teknoparrot library and other cracked PC arcades (like Time Crisis 5) fairly well.

I'm sure it won't be long before some later PC based arcades come to TP and I'll have to upgrade though.

You can look up the specs of the original arcade PCs for each game to get an idea of what hardware you'll need.