Question GPU freezing on Windows startup (maybe when drivers have loaded) ?

Nov 24, 2021
Hello, I'm at a standstill with my problem and I wanted to create a new topic about my issue.

I bought a GTX 1070 in November 2017 and it's been working really well, without any issue until earlier this month. I decided to open it as my GPU was no longer covered by the warranty, and looked for any physical damage but did not find anything. I then replaced the thermal paste and put it back in my computer, without success.

Sometimes a weird thing is happening where the GPU is not freezing and I can play some games for a couple of hours but freezes in game.

I also looked for some community websites but every fix was not successful for me. Some even told to put the GPU in the oven but I don't want to risk it and it is a temporary fix.

To be more precise about the issue, when I start my PC and get to the Windows login screen, I enter my password and successfully reach my desktop. From there, I have some apps that are running at the starup (like Discord). As soon as these apps launch, Windows freezes. Firstly I thought it was because of my peripherals. The loading animation of the Discord launch completely stopped and nothing was responding anymore.

I can 100% confirm it is because I removed it, connected my monitor to the integrated graphics in my motherboard and everything was working just fine.

I also tried running Windows in safe mode with my GPU connected and my monitor connected into it and everything was working. I expect to be a problem as soon as the GPU drivers are launched.

At this point I installed and done a DDU in safe mode and rebooted my PC. At the reboot, I successfully accessed my Windows desktop with that weird resolution (because of no GPU drivers installed) and I soon as the drivers get loaded and move the mouse, the GPU (and Windows) freeze. (Note: the GPU fans are still spinning)

When the PC froze, I turned it off and put my hand on the GPU (in the center where the GPU chipset is, it was very hot, even after reapplying thermal paste)

I am kind of stuck with my GPU now and don't know what to do with it. Maybe the GPU is running too hot without any reason and not thermal throttling enough, maybe the GPU is faulty as soon as the drivers are initialized, maybe there is a GPU memory issue (there are no thermal pads on the memory and the heat sink is not touching them)

Thank you for anyone who can help me with this issue!

Here is a list of my PC config if needed (important parts):
  • Motherboard: MSI Z370-A PRO
  • CPU: Intel i5-8600k
  • GPU: Asus Dual GTX 1070 O8G
  • Power supply: Corsair RM750x
  • Storage: Samsung SSD M.2 960 EVO