Question GPU freezing screen when using snipping tool + unstable (black screen) after sleep

Does it work

Jun 3, 2017
So for ease of reading it;

A) Screen often freezes when using snipping tool (roughly 7/10), the actual snip is still taken although sometimes the area snipped in completely wrong, I just remain on the greyed-out snipping tool screen (win + shift + s), to fix it I can usually just turn monitor on and off, but roughly 1/30 times it only boots back to black and need to restart (sometimes when I boot up the desktop freezes and need a restart also).

B) After pc goes to sleep, playing games in full screen will go black/flash black, screen on and off usually fixes this, but again every so often needs a full restart.

Getting to be a real pain with how often I use snipping tool and borderless fullscreen on a lot of applications and how long it takes the screen to turn on from off (roughly 10 sec)

RX 5700xt (driver version
driver version 27.20.1000.17016 as per device manager, no idea how to check it since they changed the raedon program)
Seasonic Focus Gold Plus 650w
AMD 3600
Windows Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363
MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS bios A3 (would it be worth bothering to flash this to newest one?)
Acer KG251Q 144hz 1080p

Bonus question, did they revert the new raedon software (everything in 1 big window, alt r, cant find anything, raedon software)? The old one was ok to use, then they change it and it became a pain to navigate, but today its back to the old one (alt r side overlay, separate instance for driver updates raedon settings + overlay)?