Question GPU from second PSU not detected ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+

Aug 28, 2019
Dear friends, this is my setup:
ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard
11x Rx 580 8Gb
1x Rx 570 8Gb
12x 006c risers
120 GB Sandisk SSD
Hyperx fury 8GB 2400mhz RAM
Skylake core i5 skylake 6400
2x Coolermaster V1200 Platinum PSU
I am also using 12 separate fans for cooling

I have connected all risers using 6pin PCI-Es to my main PSU and all the GPUs using PCI-Es to my secondary PSU. I am using a to connect my PSUs to the Motherboard, yet when I turn the system on, the second PSU does not turn on. It does turn on if I connect one 4-Pin Molex to one PSU and the other 4-Pin Molex to a second PSU, but I don't think that's a correct approach since I get an error saying I should connect the 4-Pin Molex adapters to the Motherboard with the latter setting.

I am using Windows 10 but it is not detecting any of my 12 GPUs. What's interesting is the LEDs on the GPUs are indicating a power connection, yet the second PSU does not even start.
I connected 6 risers and 6 GPUs to the main PSU and 6 of my GPUs started working.
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