Question GPU gives a black screen, 640x480 dvi input even though it is connected via HDMI

Apr 8, 2020
I have a GTX 1060 6gb, so what happened was, I turned off pc as usual, I turn it on the other day, I get a black screen 640x480 output, plugged my cable into mobo, then no signal, I take out my GPU from the slot, mobo graphics work fine, then I change primary display to iGFX, put in my GPU, upgraded all the drivers, and then switched to PCIe output, but still have a black screen,

There was an yellow exclamation mark on my GPU in the display adapter, in the device manager,

What I did-
Reinstalled all the drivers, reinstalled windows, used a new hard drive to install my windows on, used another ram, installed older drivers

This didn't fix anything, please somebody help me, my PC is my only source of entertainment during quarantine, and I cannot play any games.

My rig:
i3 8100
GTX 1060
8 gb ram
450 watt psu