Question GPU - Gsync and Monitor - refresh rate highly unbalanced.

Mar 30, 2022
Gpu - 1070
Cpu - 8700(non-k)
Ram - 32gigs (2x16 2400mhz)
Monitor - G32CQ4

Fps looks stablized but refresh rate goes crazy, while in game or in loading screen goes down to 50,
it does that in some apps too, while happening it changes brightness too millisecondly, better to watch video below.

Tried to change:
  • resolution
  • driver fresh install
  • changing cable (includes dp and hdmi)
  • texture streaming budget (for apex) none-2-4-6-8...
  • changed max framerate to 165
  • monitor freesync always open
  • tried to change nvidia panel settings one by one if remember true.
Nvidia Settings:
streamable picture

In-Game Settings: (in game res 1920x1080 while taking vids)
(Picture and videos from apex legends but does same in valorant, minecraft...)
streamable picture

VIDEO: (includes 2 videos that shows the situation)
streamable VIDEO
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