Question Gpu Hard Shuts down Computer

May 12, 2019
GPU: EVGA GTX 970 FTW <-- 4yr old from NEW
CPU: I7 9700K 9th gen <- NEW
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A <-- NEW
Cpu Cooler: Asus Rog Ryuo 240 aio <-- NEW
Power Supply: Asus Rog Thor 850W <-- NEW
Storage: Hitachi HDD Sata <-- Old 8 yrs old From new

So I made a new pc everything ran fine. Play Rocket league psu sits 160 w ruffly played division 2 hits 250-280w
i had my computer crash mid game. everything hard shut down fast without me pushing anything. i tried to turn back on nothing. i power down turn back on and it sounds like a spring getting sprung. then i have to turn off and on power supply to get it to do it again. i turn off the power supply remove the one 6 pin on left and it works but soon as i plug in all 12 pins 6+6 it crashes hard to nothing off state. i pluged into onboard graphics and everything works as should. but without the graphics card. is it the graphics card died or maby something i can do to fix it?