Question GPU has wrong non-boosted core clock and GPU Tweak II can't recognize my GPU as a Strix Card

May 5, 2020
So I posted last night, but I figured more out and I pretty much stayed up all night researching for what to do. This shouldn't bother me but for some reason it does.
I have a ROG STRIX 2070 Super Advanced Edition, says it on the box, and on the GPU itself with the serial number
So I just realized that ASUS GPU Tweak II does not recognize my 2070 Super like it did before. It used to say "STRIX-RTX2070S" but now it just says "RTX 2070 Super". It doesn't even recognize that it's a Strix card, and I've reinstalled drivers twice, and GPU tweak 2.
That's problem one.
Problem two is that my idle core clock BEFORE boosting to whatever I set it to is ALWAYS 1605, which is right for the "Gaming Mode" on what the website says, but if I change the profile to OC mode, it's supposed to be 1635, but it doesn't change it.
Even on GPUz, my core clock BEFORE boosting stays at 1605, and never changes depending on what Profile I pick.
Does anyone know why my PC suddenly changed the name of my GpU or why Gpu tweak doesn't recognize my STRIX card? And no it's not that GPU tweak can't recognize different manufactured cards because it does I've seen it with my 1070 and I see it on screenshots online.
Here are reference screenshots there are two: Screenshots of what the name is supposed to look like
I also switched my bios of my card from quiet to performance to see if that was the case since there's a tiny switch on my card but nothing changed