Oct 12, 2019
A while back my PC made some weird loud noises at the s, it sounded like a diesel engine. I noticed the sound coming from the PSU, but it always went away after 5 mins. Today I started my computer but it said "no signal". So I checked the inside of my computer but the fans of the GPU were running. I plugged my HDMI into the mobo (Integrated graphics of my CPU) and now it works again. But my GPU still doesn't work, it only works after a few restarts.

So to sum it all up:

  • Sometimes No Connection from GPU (HDMI)
  • Loud Noises PSU (2 weeks ago)
  • Sometimes pc randomly restarts (To much or to low voltage)
  • CPU graphics work


  • I5 6400
  • Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
  • 8GB DDR4 2133 Mhz
  • Mobo (Is unknown) Asus prebuild pc
  • PSU (I-Power 85 550watt) Bronze

  • Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse
  • iiyama monitor
You heard awkward loud sounds from your PSU and you are wondering what is the problem?

It's a very poor PSU and you should replace it with a quality one asap. The restarts are almost certain to be happening from the PSU.