Question GPU HDMI port stopped working suddenly? Help fix.

Nov 5, 2020
So i have had my pc for about two years. I use two monitors (Benq) on a GTX 1060 Super clock 6gb gpu. Up until recently, everything worked fine with duel display. Two nights ago, my second monitor suddenly doesn't receive any signal from my gpu's hdmi port. I currently am using a DVI (gpu) to HDMI (monitor) for my first monitor and HDMI (gpu) to HDMI (monitor) for my second monitor. So my second HDMI monitor doesn't receive any signal from the gpu.

My attempts:
I have tried switching the cables from monitor 1 and 2 to see if my monitor was the issue. My monitor works well as it does receive signal from my DVI to HDMI cable. Whichever monitor has HDMI to HDMI doesnt receive signal anymore for some reason.

My second attempt, I've tried switching hdmi cables to see if the cable itself was the issue. This also was met with no luck. I even bought a new HDMI cable which didn't work.
My third attempt, I've tried cleaning the gpu with a can of compressed air incase it was dusty. Still no luck
My forth attempt, I've tried switching off my monitor, unplugging my cables, shutting down my pc, switching off the power supply, reconnecting everything and restarting with no luck.
My last attempt, I've tired updating my GPU's drivers, which still didn't resolve the issue.

Side notes:
I have tried using nvidia's control panel to see if my second monitor was detected, which it wasn't.
Tried going into: device manager - display adapters - nvidia gtx 1060 6gb - device status (it says this device is working properly)
The monitor is detecting if a cable is connected or not, it just doesnt get any signal from it.

This all happened randomly. I shut down my pc two nights ago with it having no issues and using both monitors. No downloads or updates were made. Upon starting my pc the next day, it suddenly doesnt detect any signal. If this has happened to anyone who have then solved this issue, or anyone who knows how to fix it, can you please help me out.