Gpu help, xfx ati 5670 1gb


Feb 20, 2011

my mobo ( w5243

amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3.1 , 300w psu , 4 gb ddr2 8oo,, xfx ati 5670 1gb

my question is i dont get sound during game play , not from the onboard,, or xfx with hdmi hooked up i get sound from both any other time movies ,music ,but as soon i put a game on no sound from either i tried disabling the on board and the xfx but no sound i tried setting one or the other as default but still no sound from either when i play any game like bio shock or moh,, the card works great i get a 7.0 from windows index it was 3.2 and i can play bio shock in high rez

please help and i got all the lastest driver from amd i did express install so i should have got every thing needed ???


Jul 20, 2011
Try the following:
* find the bioshock.exe, right hand click>properties and go to the compatability tab
* select compatability mode with XP SP2 and enable the run as admin and click on OK etc
* when you run Bioshock, run from the Game menu under the start button. Right hand click and select run in DX9 mode.