Question GPU higher idle temperature and stuck clock

Aug 4, 2020
My EVGA GTX 980 ti idles around 45c and hits mid 80's playing games. The gpu clock is stuck at 1101Mhz and the memory clock is stuck at 3304Mhz, even at idle. I do have a single 144hz monitor but I have lowered the refresh rate to 120hz (even down to 60 and no difference) and I disabled shadowplay. I ran my AV but found nothing. I know these are not super dangerous temperatures, although playing some games it gets close, but I think they should be lower, especially at idle. the ambient temperature is not above 25/26c. My cpu, an intel i7 6700k idles in the low 20's, for comparison. I have set an aggressive fan curve for the gpu and they are running around 1900 rpm at idle to keep the ~45c so i know the fans are working. I have dusted the case corsair 780T case out. I am thinking I may need to add some case fans, because I just have the stock fans and a cpu cooler (cooler master evo 212) which i switched from a corsair h100i AIO cooling system. I was thinking that the larger heat sink of the evo might be blocking the air flow and the fact that there are two less fans since they were with the radiator for the AIO. Apologies for the lengthy post, just wanted to be as accurate as I could be. Anyone have any advice?