Question GPU higher temps and hitting 99%

Feb 25, 2020
my specs
Specs: GTX 1660TI
ryzen 5 3600
samsung 860 Evo 500gb ssd
Furyx 2* 8 RGB 3200 cl16
cmp 505 case psu 600W

while i understand from internet hitting 99% of gpu should be normal i think mine isnt my problem i encounterd yesterday for the first time while playing the divison 1 for some reason the game started using 99% of my gpu and getting higher Temps hitting around 72c and fps keeps dropping to from 60 to40 ..... while my normal gpu usuage on it usually is 70% and temp usually 59-64c and it is always stays on 60 fps no drops at all ... i tested it out on the witcher 3 played for like 2 mins the game keeps dropping 58-60 for some reason and i getting higher gpu usage than normal which is around 80-82% .... i tried it on other game on unity engine and also noticed higher gpu usage........tested out league of legends as well i noticed some fps drops from 144to 130 sometimes which never happened and noticed higher temps from 40 to 45 and stays 45c

i tried to keep a eye on the task manager to check if there is something else using my gpu .... nothing and check cpu usage seemed very normal
also this morning i did open my pc there was no excessive dust or anything but i did some cleaning and still same problem .... thx inadvance
the only thing i think might cause this was a gpu update few days ago but the problem only appeard yesterday .... (tried to reinstall drivers using DDU and still same issue)
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