Question GPU idle temperature and clock sudden jump (reactions on mouse movements)?

Feb 1, 2021
Hello all!

I have one specific problem here, I searched many forums and topics before I decided to write, but apparently without success.

I have Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 gamin GPU ( running on windows 10 OS. Some time ago I noticed that the fans in idle condition are too noisy so I decided to investigate what it is about. After several days of experimentation and observation, I collected the following data:

The graphics card works perfectly normally in video games, or when I have any interaction with the computer. After a detailed observation, I found that the problem only arises when I do not touch the mouse for a certain period of time (from 15s to 1 min, the time is not always the same). Now I will present some measurements that I made:

Reconstruction of events:

I normally surf the internet, current processes in running state: a couple of chrome tabs, a couple of firefox tabs, and other standard windows 10 processes

In addition, I also monitor GPU:
GPU Clock: 139Mhz
Memory Clock: 810Mhz
GPU Voltage: 650mV
Fan Speed: 1000rpm (the fans should be turned off by default, but I manually set them to run at some 20-30%, so ignore)
GPU Temp: 34-37 C
GPU Usage: 2%-5%

I leave the mouse and don't move for some 30 sec, and then all values at once jump drastically for no reason

New monitor values:
GPU Clock: 1936Mhz
Memory Clock: 7604Mhz
GPU Voltage: 1000mV
Fan Speed: 3000rpm
GPU Temp: 63 C
GPU Usage: 2%-5% (only value that stays same (task manager statistic))

The change took place incredibly quickly, in about 5 seconds. As soon as I move the mouse the values return to the previous state in about 5 seconds too. This happens literally every time I don't touch the mouse for more than 15 seconds, without exception. Also, the temperature and other values drop only when I touch the mouse, when I touch any key on the keyboard it does not change. If I didn't move the mouse, the high values would stay all day, so they just decrease ONLY on the mouse movement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a dual boot system (Windows 10 and Ubuntu), and it only happens on win, on Ubuntu everything works perfectly fine. (So that eliminates the possibility that the problem is in the hardware itself)

I think maybe there is some malicious software (for mining perhaps) that detects idle status and mouse movements so it turns on when I don't touch the mouse on a specific period, but I searched all the active processes and found nothing strange, and also the GPU usage is negligible. Or the problem is with the OS perhaps?

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here, and has anyone had a similar case?

Thanks for your time!
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