Question GPU installed. PC crashes often on start-up/waking from sleep mode

Apr 30, 2019
This has happened for months. When I installed my old AMD GPU with my new AMD GPU, I did a clean uninstall and installed my new GPU drivers, but the crashes happened. I thought my PSU can't handle my GPU but that's not the case, I got a 850w PSU, and the crashes still occur. Is it worth doing a windows reset or a DDU? or could my RAM be a problem or some sort?


Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

CPU: AMD FX - 8350

Ram: 2x DDR-3 4GB

GPU: Raedon RX-560 RED DEVI; 8gb vram

PSU: Corsair 850W

I know I'm bottle-necking. But I don't think that's an issue related to the crashes,
Your intuition is not wrong. This is normally a power issue. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't (Just because your PSU is rated for 850 W does not mean your getting what is advertised). Without a power supply tester, your only way to test it is to drop another PSU in the system.

If this is not a power issue (PSU or even the MB), then I would take a look at your storage (hard drive or SSD). It could be data corruption or failing drive. Easy test would be to put a bootable OS on a USB stick (linux, windows, whatever) and test.

RAM could be another issue ... but that is fairly easy to test (windows mem test or memtest86).

If the crash is only on start up/wake, then it is less likely another component is the problem, but it's not impossible.