[SOLVED] gpu is running at pcie x8 speeds


Apr 28, 2022
hello everyone, i wanted to check to see if my gpu was running at x16, however, it is running at x8 , or i think it is anyway (according to techpowerup gpu-z) i did stress test cpu as well and that wasn't bad (63c, 4250mhz all cores) here are the pc specs i have: (nothing is underclocked)
ryzen 5 5500
evga gtx 980 superclocked acx 2.0
8gbx2 crucial ram 2666mhz (oc'd to 3600mhz)
asus prime a320m-k (new b550m board due to arrive today)
rm750x (2018)
Samsung ssd (2020)
1tb hdd and 2tb hdd
external sandisk 500gb ssd (and a couple USB flash drives)
have also noticed there is some bad gpu sag, to the point where the pins in the x16 slot are not "out all the way" (dont know if that could be causing reduced performance)
(i was thinking of buying an anti gpu sag (lian gb-001, uphere anti gpu sag or Cooler Master ARGB GPU Support Bracket, ill need some help from people deciding which one would be best for me here)
samsung ssd (not sure if it is inflicting with gpu speeds) (includes read/write speeds (not sure if this needs to be included)
gpu + cpu results from furmark and techpowerup gpu-z (gpu data only)
gpu slot pins not "out fully" due to sag
zoomed out picture of pc fully showing the gpu sag
This might be irrelevant, but once I fixed something similar just by reinstalling GPU in the slot.Caution:turn off system and unplug PSU before that