Question GPU issue since Z690 Hero Bios update - please can anyone help me

Apr 6, 2022
Hi Guys
im running a 12900KS with an Asus Strix 3090 OC, both set in an Asus Z690 Hero board.

Im having issues with the bios update - things were fine up to bios 811, but since ive updated the GPu performance has halved both in benchamrks and gaming, my FPS has halved and tbh its p*g me right off as you can imagine.

Ive tried everything i can think of, but the only way i can get the gpu to run as it should is to roll back the bios to either 803 or 811, as soon as i change to any other bios above that the GPU seems crippled and is halved in performace, it doesnt run hot and it isnt a probelm with the gpu i dont think and ive tested the GPU into another machine and it runs as it should in it, its just in this board when the bios is updated above 811
(currently 1403 bios)

If i roll back to either 803 or 811 it runs fine

Now i could roll back to 811 i know, but the new 1403 bios for the Z690 Hero is the one that supports the new 12900KS, enabling it to run as it should, id hastne to add i had the same issue with a 12900k cpu that used to be in it as well so it isnt the cpu.

I was running a 12900k and the same thing was happening with that , so it isnt the cpu either

I checked onthe Asus forms for some sort of advice Asus forums sadly are a waste of time now, there is simply no support on them, can anyone suggest what i can do please or try to get this resolved as i have an Asus ROG Strix 3090 OC running like a 2060 at the moment and solely since the motherboard bios update

i dont know what else to try except buy a new motherboard perhaps, but surely it isnt broken if the bios update alone is causing this, but clearly it is a software issue, i just dont know what bit of software to adress and im guessing it is something simple

As i said if i roll back to 811 it runs fine but then the 12900KS will only run at 5.4Ghz and not as it should at 5.5Ghz and with all the correct features running

any help would be greatly appreciated as ive spent a lot of time on trying to resolve this issue, even reformatting the machine and gotten nowhere sadly - its getting me down now after about 18 hours of trying to suss it

thank you in advance to the guy or girl who can help me



Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

From this link;
I'm curious, did you jump to the latest BIOS version or did you gradually work your way to the latest version from version 811?

On a side note, what OS are you working with?

Better yet, please parse the specs to your build like so:

including the cooler for your CPU as well.
Apr 6, 2022
i went from 811 to trying 1003, then 1302, then 1403 and each time rolled back to 811 simply so the gpu would perform as it should, im now tied to 1402 simply to support the new cpu

do you think perhaps i should update them all in sequence ? To give you an idea i usually get around 200fps in pubg for example and im down to about 110 fps, it just iusnt running right and the issue is the GPU, this is confirmed in synthetic benmarks , time spy for example socres the cpu at 19k and the gpu at just 9k, the gpu should be around 19k....
i wish i could fix it

the build is a 12900ks
rog strix 3090 oc
asus rog z690 hero
32gb of trident Z ddr5 @ 6000mhz
3 x 980 samsung pro m.2 drives
Case is a H700 Pubg edition
i run windows 10 64 bit
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