Sep 9, 2021
Hi guys,

Lately I've just been having some issues with my GPU.
I've got a computer of the following build,

Mobo: ASUS Rog Maximus VIII Hero
GPU: MSI Gaming X 1080 GTX
CPU: Intel i7 6700k
CPU Cooler: Corsair H550i
RAM: Geil SuperLuce DDR4 3000MHz x2
PSU EVGA 750 G2 Gold
Samsung M2 970 Evo and a WD 3TB HD

Essentially, one day I left my PC on and came back to a blank screen.
Initially I thought my computer wasn't booting - and the error was in accessing the BIOS, but with trial and error I found that the screen was turning on when connected to the MOBO HDMI.
When plugged in to the GPU, it does not recognise it at all: nothing on screen, not recognised in BIOS, and not recognised in Dev Manager.
The lighting of the GPU still works, and the fans are also still turning - but no connections it seems

Here's what I've tried
  • Reseated GPU
  • Reseated GPU into a different PCIE slot
  • CMO reset
  • DDU removal of driver
When I open Dev Manager, I could initially see the GPU under display - but only when Hidden was enabled.
When I removed it, I was never able to see it again.

I've tried to install drivers from NVIDIA, but it does not catch onto a GPU so it does not work.

I was tossing up between it being a GPU , PSU or a MOBO error - and perhaps stupidly, changed my PSU - now have Corsair RM 750x running it, but nothing's changed.
Still no recognition in bios, still no recognition in Dev M.
Still running the fans, and lighting up.

My line of thinking is
  • It would be unusual for both PCIE slots to be faulty - given its reached the same outcome on both
  • Is it a GPU error? If it is, why are the fans/lights working
  • Is it a generalised MOBO error?
I understand that I may need to get a new MOBO or a GPU but I'm just hoping that it doesn't come to the latter.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 9, 2021
Unfortunately not, I know it's the easiest way to check but logistics make this difficult :(
Just hoping its not an GPU issue given the difficulty of sourcing a decent one at a right price at the moment