Question GPU issues, a faulty motherboard or what?


Feb 28, 2018
I have a weird problem that I've been trying to solve for a long time. I am beginning to think there is something really wrong with my motherboard or something else.

My budget setup is:

Ryzen 5 2400G
ASUS B350 TUF motherboard
2 x 8 gb Corsair CMK16GX4M2A2666C16
Seasonic 620W PSU
Windows 10 Pro

When I use an integrated GPU (VEGA 11), it works just fine. But when I add a dedicated graphics card, problems begin.

First I tried with my trusty old nVidia 650 Ti (which still works on my second, older computer without a hitch). I quickly started getting those "graphics card stopped responding and was recovered".

So, I tried to fiddle with the TDR delay settings, tried all kinds of variations, even tried it completely off. No help. I also had that thing disabled on Windows that it won't download drivers from Windows update, so that wasn't interfering.

OK, next I performed a clean install of Windows 10 again. This time I tested an old nVidia GTX 760.

Same thing happens. Every day I get a few of those "graphics card stopped responding and was recovered".

Once again I installed everything again. This time I tested my friend's GTX 1050, a much more recent card. Only took 3 hours for the first issue to appear. Same thing all over again.

So now I am again using that integrated Vega 11, which works just fine.

While I've reinstalled, I've tried 3 different versions of chipset drivers, nVidia drivers, and other drivers. So in that light I would assume a driver issue isn't that likely.

I just don't know what to try anymore, except keep using that integrated one. I don't play much games, and when I do they are not demanding. In that light this is not a life-or-death issue, but this is a curious problem and I wonder what is causing it.

I was wondering, could this be a case of faulty motherboard, something wrong with the PCI-E slot, or something that handles the signal coming from a dedicated card, or what? Some weird incompatibility issue?

Anybody else here had a similar issue with a similar enough setup, and did you fix it somehow?


I don't have any solution but i certainly admire the problem since i've had the same exact issue with my Skylake build as well. Though, since i'm running different OS (Win7 Pro) and hardware, it's unlikely that it's due to the dying hardware (MoBo, GPU etc).

As far as how i got mine fixed, i didn't do anything special.
Out of the blue, in one day (1 year ago or so), my display driver also started to crash. Mostly when watching youtube via Firefox but also when PC was on idle and looking at empty desktop without no browsers or any other out of the ordinary program running. Per day, i could get up to 6-7 such crashes which was very annoying. As time moved forward, crashes became more and more infrequent until they stopped completely. In total, i had this issue for 5 or 6 days (if my memory serves me correct).
So far, my system is running without any issues whatsoever and i'm puzzled why it did happen. Since there's no logical explanation to this, i classify it as: "ghost in the machine" and i haven't thought no further about it.

Oh, if it helps, i have;
Nvidia GPU drivers version: 378.92
Nvidia control panel version: 8.1.960.0
Dxdiag display drivers version:
Full system specs are in my sig. Click on the Skylake name.