Question GPU Issues Radeon 5500

Jan 7, 2022
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 4300G w/ Radeon Graphics
Motherboard: HP 87D6 SMVB
BIOS Version/Date AMI F.21, 9/17/2021
Ram: 16GB DDR4 Single Channel
GPU: 5500 4GB
OS: Windows 11
Monitors: Acer V223W

I have been having issues on and off with this since I got it. Games that should run on at least medium settings perfectly fine are not. I monitor the FPS and i'm getting 60+ but when I press movement keys or perform any actions they are 30 seconds behind. Battlefield 5, press W to move forward and nothing, then let go, 20 seconds later my character starts running forward and doesn't stop (FPS over 60 though). Press LMB to fire weapon, 20 seconds later weapon fires. My drivers are up to date 21.12.1. BIOS up to date. Windows updates show everything up to date. Sometimes when I turn on my computer the games will run perfectly fine, then the next time it runs like <Mod Edit> again. It's pretty much random on if the games will play once I start up the computer. From everything I've monitored the 5500 is working, temps are within normal range, my RAM is registered and running, CPU utilization is 70-80%.

I've tried using DDU multiple times and reinstalling the drivers and still have the same issue. It might run fine or it might run like <Mod Edit>. Any ideas?
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