Question GPU keeps crashing/Green screen of death

Feb 3, 2022
so yesterday ive bought this rx470 asus strix model,after a few minutes of use it just gets a green screen and freezes and i have to restart the pc
ive tried everything that came to my mind

-flashed the vBIOS
-underclocked and undervolted
-used DDU in safe mode and tried countless different drivers at different settings
-cleaned the card and replaced thermal paste
-tried heating the card a bit with a fan,i dont wanna try the oven or heat gun yet
-tried different cables,different pci-e slots
-ran scannow test
-scanned both the drives

i have a 750w coolermaster PSU that effortlesly powered 2 r9 380s a year ago,so that isnt the problem
the pc works fine with a different card installed

i think it is a video memory issue because it ussually crashes when the memory is under load,could it be a faulty chip or controller and how do i know which one it is?
please suggest any other ways of fixing this issue,