Question GPU leds on, no image, no fans working

Nov 3, 2019
Hey guys, i hace a trouble with my PC.
It was working fine I have image, I was monitoring everything in my PC and it looks fine, I go for a weekend I left the switch of my PC off, I have it connected to a voltage regulator, everything was fine. When I come back and try to turn on my PC everything seems to work rgb of ram works with effects, m2 also with effects, mouse and keyboard have rgb effects, but I have no image in any of my 3 display, I check every wire and every connection and nothing, I open my case and I notice that the fans of my Gpu was static, in any moment start, led of Gpu work fine, almost the button to turn off leds work, but I have no image and no fan spinning.

I have no idea what happened i really appreciate your help, what I have tried is to remove ram and left only one. Change Gpu of slot, try to enter bios without Gpu without success.

Another thing is that my mother board have 4 LEDs labeled beside ram and it turns different color:
DRam - yellow
Cpu r- ed
Vga - white
Boot - no turn on

I left my hw below. Please help guys.

Ryzen 7 3700x
Motherboard Asus tuff 570x
Gpu Asus rog strix 2060 super
Power supply Gigabyte 750
8gb ram spectrix X2
Cooler master 240L
M2 500 gb