Question GPU Lights up but not detected by system

Apr 22, 2021
Earlier today I was watching a YouTube video when my displays both cut to black. Nothing else seemed wrong with my system so I restarted it and got no display output again. I switched to the on-board graphics on my motherboard and tried to update drivers to no avail and tried to update windows but it was already up to date. I checked my system and confirmed that there was no GPU being detected so I shut it down and re-seated the GPU. Still nothing. I put the GPU into my brother's pc to see if it was some kind of issue with my motherboard/PSU and got more of the same. Lights on the GPU work, but no output and no detection from the system. What happened? I hope it's something I can try to fix on my own because there is absolutely no way I can afford to buy a graphics card after all the price increases because of bitcoin mining. I have a gtx 1070ti 8 gig card with a 9700k
Your GPU is not working in multiple systems. I think it moved on to GPU heaven. You might want to check in a third to make sure but I don't think it will work there either.

As for repairing it yourself, no offence but if you didn't know it was a failing/dead gpu, I doubt that you will know how to properly repair it. Usually needs some expertise and it's not something that can be done by anyone.