Question GPU Locked(i need help)

Jun 23, 2022
That lever could possibly be a plastic clip instead of a sliding lock. Try pushing the very end of the plastic up (towards the silkscreened "Front USB" words) while at the same time pulling the GPU out of the slot.

Edit - Also, clean your CPU heatsink - it's clogged. ;)
I know there is a bit of dust but put that the pc has been broken for 3 years I have never wanted to repair it and I think the time has come. however it has a problem that turns on the fans start but not from the video signal and starts the keyboard LEDs but not those of the mouse. now I was going to take him to show it. I wanted to remove the video card and start it to see if it was a problem with the power supply since I have never been able to remove it. I have already tested ram for ram, I tried to remove and put back the buffer battery and also ssd for ssd but nothing.


More correctly, pull on it while pulling on the GPU. That is the type that is just a plastic tab, it doesn't actually have a mechanical movement, just bends slightly out of the way. So put some pressure on it in the direction indicated and pull the GPU out simultaneously.